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Today is  Monday, February 15, 2016

Who invented Bowling?

Answer: Archaeologists have discovered bowling balls, pins and other equipment in an Egyptian child's grave dating back to 5200 B.C. So we know that Egyptians were playing a form of bowling centuries ago. In Germany, back in A.D. 200, village dances and celebrations included a similar form of the game -- they rolled stones at nine wooden clubs called kegles. Bowlers in Germany are sometimes still referred to as "keglers." Bowling was recorded in England as early as the 1100s. In the Netherlands people took up a related game, and it was the Dutch who introduced the sport to America in the 1600s -- it was called Dutch pins. In what is now New York City, Dutch residents bowled in a section of the city still known as "Bowling Green."

In America the game became very popular. But people began to gamble on the sport, and for a while it was looked on as an evil event. The state of Connecticut outlawed "bowling at nine pins," as it was described. To get around that law, residents added an additional pin and this was the beginning of the 10-pin game played today! By the mid-1900s, the sport was once again an accepted form of family recreation.

The American Bowling Congress, which was organized in 1895, established standard playing rules and regulations.

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